Sonic Decay

Sonic Decay was a series of audio/visual based experiences focused on Seattle’s DIY music venue history. Organized by Emory Liu, we worked with artists to create a weekend exhibition celebrating Seattle’s DIY music scene.

Contributions by: Amanda Karmelita, Brian Cunningham, DJ Brnt Zza, DJ Traditional Girl, Garrett Kelly, Jack McKool, Joseph P. Traina, Keenan Dowers, Keith Tucker, Malaki Stahl, Malia Alexander, Medium Weekend, Myke Pelly, Nathan Donnell, Rachel LeBlanc, Rachel Robillard, Sloan Dowdy Wood, Victoria Holt, plus found Seattle posters and videos

Read more about the event and “Healthy Times Fun Club” documentary screening: Explore Seattleā€™s DIY Music Scene at Sonic Decay…

All photos by Joseph P. Traina and Emory Liu.