The limitless potential of clay

“Clay’s simplicity, combined with its limitless potential, made it a great source of joy and adventure in my life.” – Jim Gion

A community event celebrating the life and work of a renowned local sculptor, Jim Gion. Alongside his many public works, Jim sculpted over a thousand portraits of dogs, and we honored his legacy with a dog-focused event. The event consisted of community members and friends coming together to share stories about Jim’s life and celebrate his legacy with dog portraits by artist Roz Crews, a clay workshop by artist Amanda Leigh Evans, a photo booth by Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr, documentaries of Jim’s interviews, and an exhibition of Jim’s work all hosted by his friend Stefan Kovatchev at A1 Birdbath in Portland, Oregon.


Stefan Kovatchev
Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr.
Zeph Fishlyn
Roz Crews
Amanda Leigh Evans
Artist Matoska
Tia Kramer
Roshani Thakore

Photos by Anke Schuettler, 2019.