Tablecloth Trick (SVNGRHNT)

“Tablecloth Trick” was created with Michelle Pe├▒aloza as part of an ongoing series of collaborative photo scavenger hunts.

2. Last one standing

3. Not grown in every garden

4. Wish me love a wishing well kiss and tell

5. Up on the chopping block

6. Flower power

7. Magic the gathering

8. Ant’s eye view

9. Watching the tide roll away

10. Fresh meat

11. Final countdown

12. Can’t touch this

13. Leave it all out on the table

14. Sing your heart out

15. Rabbit out of a hat

16. When it all comes crashing down

17. All along the watch tower

18. Alex and is idioms

19. A super star

20. A stain

21. Don’t you, forget about me

22. Finish him

23. Say “cheese!”