Failure Variety Show Rube Goldberg Machine

For The Failure Variety Show Timothy Firth and I created a Rube Goldberg Machine that predicted the future.

More about the project from The Project Room

The Project Room and Bumbershoot present an hour-long variety show featuring a critical part of the creative process: failure. Mixing humor with artistic disaster, The Failure Variety Show will feature rapid-fire presentations by a talented lineup of special guests, followed by the live on-stage reveal of the Failure Variety Show Rube Goldberg Machine, created during the show by an artist team (Eric Olson & Timothy Firth) and destined not to succeed.

Why are you making a Rube Goldberg Machine during a live show about failure? you may ask yourself. Well, we thought it was the ultimate test of something that’s really difficult and is certainly not meant to be made in one hour in front of an audience in a theater. Thus, it has a high potential for disaster, and we think you will enjoy watching us face failure live on stage.

Video of Bumbershoot performance

KUOW interview with Failure Variety Show presenter