A Comedy in Four Acts

Installation by Timothy Firth, Eric John Olson, and Foster Turcott, 2013.

The installation, “A Comedy in Four Acts,” is a response to Chekov’s pivotal play, the Seagull. The artist team recontextualized a number of themes in the play, distilling their response into a pair of competing forces. One end of the installation represents idealized perfection while the other details its inevitable destruction. Similarly, two-way mirrored boxes flicker between moments of self-reflection and the subtext of desire.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this project! Cheaptricks: Humiliations 4 Donations donators and Shit Show! party attendee’s, we couldn’t have done this with out you all. Also special thanks The Seagull Project for producing the project in conjunction with their production of Chekov’s “The Seagull”.