Tia Kramer and Tamin Totzke, "Each Other"


  • Friday, January 13, 11AM to 3PM (drop-ins welcome) - Public Rehearsal
  • Saturday, January 14, 11AM to 3PM (drop-ins welcome) - Final Performance

Tia Kramer & Tamin Totzke create performances that physicalize the reciprocal relationship between body and environment. Through a series of open rehearsals titled, Each Other, they will examine the body as a record of lived experience and a vehicle for deep empathy.


  • Saturday, November 5, 11AM to 2PM - Public Rehearsal
  • Friday, December 16, 11AM to 3PM - Public Rehearsal
  • Saturday, December 17, 11AM to 3PM (drop-ins welcome) - Public Rehearsal